Samford (Car Show) then Dayboro for Lunch , 12 February, 2012 ....


19 cars gathered at the Big Fish for the run across to Samford and then onto Dayboro. The run was well organised by Dean and Georgina and after the run brief and dissemination of run sheets by Dean, the group headed-off down the highway to Bald Hills where it exited onto Linkfield Road. From there, a leisurely drive through Brendale where the group stopped to regroup, it was then off to Eatons Crossing road and then onto Samford via Mount Samson Road arriving at around 0845. Two cars joined along the way bringing the tally to 21 cars making quite a spectacle and catching the eye of many onlookers as the group rolled into town.

Samford was its usual busy self and after a bit of queuing, the Club found its way into the park. Heavy rain the night before made the oval a little soft, however it had an excellent covering of turf.

By all accounts, the Samford event wasn't a big one but it did attract a variety of historical exhibits. The car display was rather small with just a few clubs representing. The CRCC exhibit was by far the biggest.

On arrival at the venue, members were given food and drink vouchers which was very generous on the part of the organisers. Something you don't get from larger car shows.

It was always the plan to spend just a few hours at Samford and then head over to the Dayboro Hotel for lunch. So at around 1100, the group saddled-up mosey'd on over to Dayboro. Although a little expensive, the food was great and so was the venue with its expansive verandahs and views of Dayboro.