Toranafest 2010 (Newcastle) ....

The reason for this page is to show what can be done to enhance a club display and make it 'award-winning'. In this instance, the Queensland Torana Car Club (QTCC) was awarded 'Best Club Display' at Toranafest 2010 in Newcastle. In fact, the club won the award two years in concession. In 2009 QTCC took the award with just five cars.

With several clubs attending Toranafest and almost 300 cars, there is some stiff competition, not only for best club display, but also for best individual display. At Toranafest 2010, QTCC set-up its club display to resemble a 1970s car sales yard with members dressing in period clothing. The pics below tell the story.

Queensland Torana Car Club, Best Club Display:


Best Individual Display:

Best Torana Combination:

The 'Infamous' Lindy and Michael Chamberlain Torana: