Lance Haslewood's LC GTR, LJ XU-1, SL/R 5000 ....


Lance bought his Mint Julep (factory colour) SL/R 5000 new in 1976 from Leech Holden in Brisbane. 12 Months later he moved to the Sydney area where it spent the next 26 years. The Torana was basically a family car for many years but he looked after it. Over the years, Lance has gradually changed the appearance of the car by adding wheel arches (SL/R 5000s did not have factory-fitted flares, only the L34 and the A9X), increased the wheel size to 14 inch, and improved its handling by upgrading the suspension. In 1987 he fitted the drop-tank.

Since ownership, the car has had two repaints, the first in 1985 in Dulon (acrylic) and the last in 2001 (two-pak). At the same time (2001), the engine was fully overhauled and extensively modified. The first repaint was decided following an incident in 1979 when a kangaroo tried to hop through the passenger-side front window. Lance was doing about 120km/h and the roo about 40km/h. The repair job was great but the colour-matching of the paint on the door wasn't. After a couple of years, the colour faded, hence the repaint in 1985.

Lance has Toranas in his blood having purchased his first one in 1972. It was a LC GTR, his first car. In 1974, he sold the GTR and bought a new LJ XU-1 which he sold in 1976 to fund the SL/R 5000 purchase; something he has regretted for many years. Still would have bought the SL/R 5000 but should have kept the XU-1. Pics of both the GTR and the XU-1 are below.