Des Fiedler's 1969 Black HT Monaro ....

To all the non-believers and after much harrassment from Lloyd & Kev, YES it has finally happened. The Black beast is off the road and a full restoration is in progress.

After a great trip to Monaro Nationals last year the urge kicked-in to do a restoration. Body was my main focus but a business card given to me by Winner Products started the resto from the inside out. A new interior was purchased in sandalwood with black and white houndstooth cloth inserts. Though not the original color scheme, this was chosen because of the black exterior in our climate. Next on the agenda was a full dash restoration. All was repainted and trimmed back to new condition. Although a piece of ignition was lost in transit. Next, new carpet was purchased and the body was put back on the backburner again.

Next a new highway diff was sourced and the next job was changing the car over from Auto to Manual. The motor was taken-out and all resprayed and chrome added. A new plate had to be manufactured for the gear shifter and all is sitting awaiting the new paint job.

Father's Day came and went, but finally the car is off the road permanently. Lloyd and I started pulling her to pieces and stripping the 20 year old paint. No surprises were found, better than what we expected and panel beating is now in full swing. Will keep you updated with further progress.

Cheers Des and the HT

27 November 2011.
03 April 2012.